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CreditDigital allows you to split the cost of your business purchase into easy monthly instalments for up to 12 months, improving your business's cash flow and buying power. Applications are free and won't affect your credit score. Click below to get your no obligation payment plan now!

We work with multiple lenders to quickly find you the best offer, allowing to finance your invoice through one simple application.

How it works
How much are repayments?

The rates given by our lenders typically range from 1.2 to 3.9% per month.

The calculator below will show you an average representative rate spread over 12 months.

Full invoice total (including VAT):


Repayments on this invoice are likely to be around £0 per month

For any queries during the application process or when signing your credit agreement, our Customer Service team will be happy to help either through the website chat, by phone on 020 8089 5010 or by email to support@creditdigital.co.uk